About Our Hearing Aid Prices

As an independent locally owned practice we aren’t encumbered with top heavy marketing and management structures. This gives us the ability to be able to offer you best brand hearing aids at some of the most competitie prices in Australia. We source the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers including Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Siemens, GN Resound and Widex.

Why Professional ongoing service is important:

Many pop-up shop style hearing aid dispensers have appeared in recent years that purport to offer cheaper prices and adopt a "fit and go" style approach advocating a high turnover model to justify thier cheap prices. That high turnover refers to you! They seemingly ignore the research that clearly shows people adapt or acclimatise to hearing aid amplification and use over time. New users are typically given an introductory level if amplification which is incremented up over a series of months as their auditory system adapts and they acclimatise to the new sounds they are accessing. Progressive coaching ensures confident, successful use of hearing aids and maximises the benefits they give. Even experienced hearing aid users require ongoing service to properly maintain the effective functioning of quality hearing instruments.

We strongly believe best communication outcomes are obtained through a combintation of using quality hearing aids and their effective use and maintenence. For these reasons we incorporate a comprehensive service package into our highly competitive hearing aid pricing. So you are not just investing in a product with us, but also a quality service program that ensure better communication outcomes for the long term.

Our primary sense of hearing is vital for effective communication, relationships and directly effects our overall well-being and quality of life.

It became standard practice for most large chain companies to charge on average $12000 to $13000 for a pair of premium hearing aids and approximately $10000 for a pair of advanced hearing aids. To some extent these pumped up prices are the result of a degree of monopolisation and price fixing by these large chain dispensers. To add insult to injury these multi-branched companies are owned by one overseas manufacturer so as to secure their supply chain. They acquire their products at a fraction of the cost compared to an independent practitioner and will only offer that manufacturer’s products.

So Who Owns Who?

The Danish company Willam and Demant Holdings owns Oticon, Bernafon and Sonic Hearing Aids and the clinics including AudioClinic, Hearing Life and Western Hearing Services. By vertically integrating these local hearing aid dispensing companies they ensure their hearing aid products are the ones being recommended.

Phonak and Unitron hearing aids are owned by Sonova a German company. Sonova own the Connect Hearing network of clinics. Another German company called Widex own the Widex Hearing Aids brand and the Bloom Hearing Clinics.

Australia's National Hearing Care is owned by Amplifon which has it's headquaters based in Italy.

Harmony Hearing & Audiology is 100% Perth Family Owned & Independent

At Harmony Hearing & Audiology we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive personalised service and are free to recommend the best devices from all the leading manufacturers at a fraction of the price. It is typical for our clients to expect to save up to $4000 on what they would be charged by our larger local competitors. This means a fairer price for top quality yet relatively cheap hearing aids with all the professional service that comes from a qualified audiologist. We believe that hearing care is a journey and that the quality of the aftercare service is just as important as the level of technology when it comes to maximising beneficial outcomes for our clients.

Payment Plans:

Opting for a payment plan may ease financial pressure and enable you to enjoy the benefits of better hearing today. Our payment plans start from $25 per week.

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