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Best invisible hearing aid, custom fit to hide within your ear canal

Improve your hearing with Harmony Hearing & Audiology. We’re an independent, family-owned hearing centre that puts personalised service first. Many people feel self-conscious about wearing hearing aids, and many suffer through the discomfort and struggle of hearing loss rather than being fitted with a device that will help them. If you don’t like the traditional hearing aid, we have what you need.

Invisible hearing aids are considered the ideal aesthetic aid due to its simplicity and inconspicuous design. Gaining in popularity with patients across Perth, the invisible aid can be perfectly positioned inside the ear canal for comfort and ease. It’s been developed through years and is now much smaller than the original, which was not particularly adaptable to help with unique hearing problems.

Harmony is not contracted to any particular hearing aid manufacturer because we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all philosophy. We pay particular attention to the medical and scientific research that goes into adapting hearing aids and we adapt our products to suit each patient.

Every patient is different and the struggle of one is not necessarily the struggle of another, even when dealing with the same hearing loss problem. Our personalised services ensure that patients are given the best invisible hearing aids to suit their unique requirements. We also provide a series of progressive appointments for hearing aid fittings, at no extra cost. As we said, personalised service is our priority.

ITC hearing aids

The ITC (In-the-Canal) hearing aids are small, fit snugly into the ear and are invisible in the canal. Designed for patients with mild to moderate hearing problems, this small technological wonder replicates high-frequency sounds and turns them into lower frequencies, allowing you to hear sounds easily and naturally.

Fitted with innovative technology that is designed for pure noise reduction and speech preservation, the ITC reduces the echo and makes your life much easier in social surroundings such as restaurants, cafes, etc. The device has a remote control accessory that allows for easy adjustment of volume, as and when required.

We stock a variety of top quality brands, which include Phonak®, Oticon®, Starkey®, GN Resound®, and Siemens®. Our ITC hearing aids are top of the range at half the price.

Who qualifies?

A large list of clients includes many veterans and pensioners who have dealt with deteriorating hearing loss over the years. However, hearing loss can affect anyone at any age, which is why our hearing aids are uniquely fitted for each patient because not everyone has the same condition.

Loss of hearing starts to affect lifestyles and can hugely impact confidence, relationships and self-esteem. Harmony Hearing has treated patients who need hearing management solutions, and we have seen patients walk away with a new lease on life, which is why we welcome patients of all ages.

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