Mar 21, 2013 | | Albany 6330, AU
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Dear Andrew and Steve, I have had numerous hearing assessments over the past 15 years - but nothing as thorough and comprehensive as Andrew gave me. I have so far found the Phonak hearing aids suitable for my life style. I attend Bible Studies and group church meetings in the home. I am now able to hear the number of the hymns given out, also hear the words of the hymns as they are being sung - before it was a jumble. I would not hesitate in recommending Andrew to anyone because of his outstanding service and care. I would like to thank you Andrew for your kindness and patience. and Just to let you know I am very HAPPY with my hearing aids. Have been to three meetings over the weekend . Great to be able to listen with out having to put a lot of effort into trying to hear.So pleased I heard all the hymns given out . I struggle with the phone but know that can be fixed. John is on skype it may be useful in the future. Many thanks for your time and patience with me.

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