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Who we are.

As an Independent Perth family owned and operated Audiology practice, Harmony Hearing is proud of its freedom to offer the latest technology from all world leading manufacturers. To emphasise we are not the retail arm of a hearing aid manufacturer like most providers in Australia.

All of The Top Hearing Aid Brands

Our practice has a supply agreement with numerous world leading manufacturers including Oticon (William & Demant), Phonak & Unitron (Sonova), GN Resound, Siemens (Sivantos), Widex, Starkey and Bernafon.

Dedicated Audiologists

Audiologist’s at Harmony Hearing strive to provide a personalised hearing rehabilitation program. This often includes matching the best hearing aids or assistive listening device to each individual’s unique hearing levels, communication needs, lifestyle conditions, style preferences and budget. Generally, we find that Oticon and Phonak are two world-leading manufacturers we attain some of the best outcomes with and so will often recommend hearing aids and products from these manufacturers. If you are interested in a particular manufacturer’s product your interest will be facilitated. You and your clinician can collaboratively explore the merits of and trial the products to determine whether they are a comprehensive solution for your needs. We wish you all the very best in your hearing health care journey. Best regards, Andrew Mackendrick (Audiologist and Business Owner)
Australian owned and run

  • Independent, Local & Personalised Service
  • All the Latest Technology from Leading Brands
  • Best Prices Guarantee – Save Thousands!
  • Interest Free Payment Plans Available
  • Government Hearing Services Program
  • Accredited University Qualified & Experienced Audiologists
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Ongoing Support with Comprehensive, Timely Service

Our Beliefs

Our primary sense of hearing is vital for effective communication and our relationships on a daily basis. We believe that a comprehensive professional service should be combined with the best quality assitive devices such as hearing aids. This combination is essential for enhancing communication ability and quality of life. Our holistic thorough service ensures that your investment in hearing aids or other assitive communication devices yields life changing benefits today and for years to come.

People First Practice

Harmony Hearing & Audiology is an independent local Perth family owned and operated practice. Our service is personalised to your needs in terms of consultation, hearing tests and hearing aid trials. You can trial basic to premium hearing aids from a range of leading manufacturers to make an informed decision that best meets your needs and budget. Most of our local competitors are owned by one overseas hearing aid manufacturing company. They use a Top down prescriptive model which places little regard toward your lifestyle requirements and budget.

The Focus is on You

By really listening to you, our Audiologists carefully match the best quality hearing aids to your lifestyle needs and budget. We coach you over a series of appointments in the effective use and management of your hearing aids. This includes practicing putting them on and off correctly, cleaning and maintaining them.

Helping You Excel

Mastering the multiple functions of modern hearing aids takes practice and proper coaching over time. Our progression of appointments really helps you adapt comfortably to maximise the benefits from your hearing aid investment. We train you in the effective use of any hearing aid accessories such as remote controls and wireless devices that can connect the hearing aids to your mobile and T.V.

How we work.

An Allied Health Care Approach

We develop a professional and courteous relationship with other allied health care professionals including your family doctor. This collaborative method affords us the most appropriate and beneficial approach to your unique hearing health care program.

Offering Truly Independent Advice

Remaining Independent and locally owned frees us from any single manufacturer and enables us to source the very best of cutting edge technologies to better match your individual needs. All our local multi-branched competitors are owned by one overseas manufacturer and may purport to offer different options, but inevitably steer you into their own products. Our independence also enables us to offer the very best products at the most competitive prices. We also pride ourselves on offering the most extensive, professional and best value for money aftercare service in the industry. You can rest assured that your hearing health is under the best care available.

Highly Qualified

Our Audiologists are university qualified with accreditation to provide the governments hearing service program. We specialise in audiological assessments, advanced hearing aid and hearing protective technologies. As full members of the Audiological Society of Australia (ASA) ongoing professional development ensures our clinicians are up to date with the most recent developments and technologies.

The Only Independent Hearing Centre in Fremantle

In the Fremantle area and neighbouring suburbs we are the only locally owned independent Audiology practice. We pride ourselves on our unique freedom in being able to provide unbiased advice and guidance without the pressure to adhere to a single manufacturers products and meet high pressured sales quotas. In a climate of intense competition with the local vertically integrated corporate companies we enjoy providing a more personalised, quality and progressive service. Please read as follows some of the major benefits in building a relationship with us on your hearing health care journey.

Your privacy matters

Your privacy matters to us and your details are stored securely and are only used to contact you in relation to your enquiry We do not share details with any third parties

You can call us.

The Phone Number for all branches apart from Fremantle is 9386 7816 The Phone Number for Fremantle is 9433 3249

Operating hours.

Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm

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