New Oticon Opn Hearing Aids

The new Oticon Opn ™ has been released to the Australian market late June 2016. It packages a group of new technologies that purport to translate into “30 % better speech understanding in background noise, 20 % reduced listening effort and 20% improvement in recall of conversations owing to reduced cognitive load or processing load on our brain.

The system represents a shift away from the approach of using adaptive directional microphones that can create a narrower beam of focus in higher levels of background noise. Oticon’s marketing claim that this narrow directionality (microphone beamforming) what they term “tunnel directionality” limits the users experience by not preserving the diverse, dynamic and unpredictable nature of the listening environment. Other manufacturers that promote the benefits of beam forming microphone technology claim that the narrow directionality of beam forming directional microphones only automatically activates upon detecting higher levels of competing background noise to enable the listener to focus on the speaker they are directly facing limiting input of invasive noise from the sides and from the rear.

By better preserving the full sound picture Oticon aim to reduce listening effort and improve ability to switch attention readily by preserve the full sound picture and hear what’s desired. This adheres to Oticon’s Brain Hearing approach that aim to develop hearing aids that support the way our brains “Orient, Recognise Separate and Focus on sounds.”

Oticon Open features the latest micro processing chip platform called the Velox ™ developed in house in Denmark by Oticon. The new platform is purportedly 50x faster then the previous Inium Sense ™ microchip platform found in the Alta 2 range and is now capable of 1.2 billion operations per second. It is now the new industry leader in terms of having the fastest digital processing chip set. Noise filtering and microphone adaptive directionality can occur seamlessly over a relatively high number of 64 digital processing channels. The new Velox ™ chipset also has a new analogue to digital converter (A2D) that increases it dynamic range from 92dB to 108 dB giving the benefit of better sound quality and less distortion in listening environments with higher levels of background noise. Oticon call this ClearDynamics ™.

Another industry first is that the new Oticon Opn features TwinLink™ wireless systems, which is two dedicated wireless systems on separate frequencies. One to create a broadband link between the hearing aids so they are coordinated in all their real time functioning. (Binaural processing) and the other to enable the connection with blue tooth enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablets with reliable 2.4GHz streaming. Oticon Opn directly connects with Bluetooth devices such as iphone, ipad and ipod and is also compatible with Android mobile devices with the use of a microphone lapel clip. This negates the need for a neck worn device. There is also a new remote control 3.0 which is very useful for people with dexterity issues. There is also a new T.V. adapter. These new hearing aid accessories are not backwards compatible due to the new operating frequencies.

The new Oticon On App allows for direct remote control of the hearing aids from both Apple OS and Android devices and Oticon Opn also enables the world’s first internet connecting hearing aids. Using your phone with the hearing aids you can access the “If Then This That platform IFTTT” (www.ifttt.com) which connects different services and products. For example if your IFTTT enabled doorbell rings you also receive a wireless notification via your Opn hearing aids that the doorbell is sounding.

These revolutionary new hearing aids represent a great forward step for all people with hearing loss. Even people with mild hearing loss can benefit from the improved speech clarity, noise reduction and reduced listening effort. This combined with direct wireless connectivity to smart phones, tablets and other internet enabled devices Open’s up a huge dimension of capability.

For more information or a to book a free trial of these great new hearing aids please don’t hesitate to contact your hearing care professional at Harmony Hearing & Audiology.

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Andrew Mackendrick (Audiologist)

We are so excited to introduce 3 new hearing devices that address the big barriers to first time user acceptance and the stigma of wearing hearing instruments. People want to be empowered and want to look as young as they feel. With our new ultra-compact designRITE and invisible IIC and CICsolutions built with the new BrainHearing technology, we have met that challenge head on. Who said good things don’t come in small packages?

Wireless IIC : the NEW completely invisible-in-the-canal instrument is the world smallest and first completely wireless IIC device. It enables users to take advantage of the binaural signal processing, but also connectivity to a range of devices with the Streamer Pro. The new wireless IIC comes in 3 technology levels, all based on the powerful Inium platform.Oticon Hearing Aids

Wireless CIC/ MIC: the Inium CIC and MIC models are now completely wireless. With fitting levels of up to 85 dB, users with moderate to severe hearing loss can now have a discreet solution and still benefit from wireless technology. There is a wireless CIC for everyone, starting with the entry level Ria, right up to the Alta Pro.

designRITE: the NEW wireless designRITE is a sleek, appealing, and award winning design, now with Inium technology. With 3 technology levels (Premium, Advanced and Essential), all based on the Inium platform, the designRITE will satisfy the most discerning listener. The new speaker has an incredible 80 fitting level and comes in 5 lengths, customisable to any ear shape, and with a brand new palette of colours.

The Oticon Remote Control can be used with all Oticon wireless hearing instruments, but is especially useful for hearing instruments without buttons. It is both discrete and easy to carry as it can be attached to a set of keys. The simple and intuitive design is great for users with poor dexterity and eyesight. The three simple buttons make operation a breeze; volume up, volume down and program change. It also works with older wireless devices.

Please read on to learn about some of the unique features and associated the different levels if the Oticon Range. Many of these features rely on the high end capacity of hearing aids to communicate wirelessly with one another in real time so that they work as a coordinated pair.

Features and Associated Benefits of Oticon Hearing Aids

Premium Oticon features provide the best performance in background noise. Reserved for the Latest Premium Alta Pro and Alta, the feature Speech Guard E is an improved signal processing system that provides natural, undistorted amplification allowing enhanced separation of speech from background noise. It maintains the audibility and speech envelope integrity while preventing discomfort. It allows for a greater level of individualisation of the amplification system. The super powered Chilli SP 9 and Chilli SP 7 and small receiver in the ear (RITE) Intiga 10 possess standard Speech Guard also designed to safeguard the speech envelope by combining the advantages of fast and slow acting compression systems.

Spatial Noise Management: This premium feature uses binaural processing to improve spatial awareness and comfort in asymmetric sound scenes. The spatial noise system can be modified by the Audiologist to suit individual requirements.

Binaural Compression: This maintains the inter aural intensity differences to preserve your ability to localise where different sounds are coming from and enhance your ability to separate speech from competing background noise.

Spatial Sound: Preserves both the timing and intensity inter aural cues so as to maximise localisation ability.

Binaural Synchronisation: The hearing aids wirelessly synchronise their automatically adaptive directional microphone systems so as to focus in unison on where the speech sound is coming from as well as pivot their focus away from the moving and changing competing background noise.

Automatic Multi-band Adaptive Directionality: Automatically reduces multiple background noise sources even if they are moving to assist hearing speech in noise.

Tristate Noise Management with Voice Finder: This provides the maximum preservation of speech in noisy situations. There are three major modes the hearing aids are typical operating in which are speech in quiet, speech in noise and just noise. The hearing aids analyse the environment to determine which is the best mode to provide maximum comfort as well as speech intelligibility.

Free Focus: Designed to mimic the anatomy of the ears natural front focus to improve front to back suppression and segregation for better speech following capability. Uses a very high degree of individualisation of microphone settings.

My Voice: Stabilises the level of background noise for a more natural listening experience of ones own voice

Oticon Advanced and Mid-Range Hearing Aid Features that provide Good Performance in noise

Automatic Adaptive Directionality: This feature automatically reduces interference from dominant background noise source even if it is moving to assist speech in noise.

Speech Weighted Noise Management (Modulation based): Maintains the comfort in the presence of background noise.

Automatic Fixed Directionality: Automatically reduces background noise interference from behind to assist hearing speech in noise.

Some of the following features go toward enhancing the natural sound quality of Oticon hearing aids:

Wide Fitting Band Width: Premium models have a bandwidth up to 10KHz whilst advanced up to about 8KHz and then midrange about 6.5KHz and Basic Up to approximately 5KHz. The broader the bandwidth the fuller the range of sounds and additional speech and localisation cues, particularly beneficial for localisation and speech separation in challenging background noise environments.

Front Focus: Restores the effect of the Pinna (Ear) for natural localisation ability.

Parallel Processing/ Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent and automatic optimisation of signal processing to provide maximum speech understanding in all situations.

Feedback Shield: New anti-feedback algorithm that optimises audibility, signal quality and listening comfort. Binaurally controlled system balancing phase cancellation, gain management and frequency shifting strategies to provide the most effective effective feedback cancelling system.

Binaural Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2: Binaurally controlled phase cancellation feedback reduction. Reduces false positive feedback to pure tones in the environment. For example does not misinterpret microwave beeps, music and warning alarms as feedback throwing out the feedback cancelling mechanism.

Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2: Stops feedback through phase cancellation.

Features of the Oticon hearing aids that allow for fitting flexibility and personalization:

YouMatic: State-of-the-art automatic processing system. Allows the highest degree of personalisation during the fitting to ensure all systems are working together to maximise audibility, speech intelligibility and comfort. Powerful, but simple for the Audiologist to use.

Personal Profiles: Intelligibility combines signal processing parameters into personal profiles or identities allowing the ultimate control to individualise the hearing aid fitting.

VAC: Stands for Voice Aligned Compression. This is the Oticon proprietary non-linear fitting rational with up to personals profiles, providing significant flexibility.

Music Program: A dedicated music program can be set up to better preserve the natural sound of music. By reducing the of many of the noise reduction features music sounds are not misinterpreted in the digital signal processing as noise and suppressed.

Programmable channels: A good number of digital programable channels allow for an accurate tailoring of amplification levels to the individuals hearing configuration in each ear. This also allows for an accurate fit to gain targets. The Premium models have 10 channels.

Dust and Water Resistant: Oticon hearing aids have a IP57 Rating. The hydrophobic coating prevents moisture entering the devices (BTE, RITE, miniRITE and miniBTE).

Data Logging: Provides information on the users preferred volume and program settings. Good feedback for the Audiologist to make informed future fine tuning adjustments.

Features of Oticon hearing aids for ease of use:

AutoPhone: An Automatically activated Phone Program. By simply holding the phone in close proximity to the hearing aid he magnetic field will cause the hearing aid to trip over to the telephone program to enhance telephone clarity and negate feedback.

Binaural Coordination: Controls both hearing aids with one touch of the volume control on one side due to their wireless connection.

Volume Control Learning: Learns and Applies the users preferred volume settings

Automatic Adaptation Manager: Gradual automatic acclimatisation can be set up by the Audiologist so that the hearing aid gradually increments up its amplification levels over a designated time frame as the individual acclimatises to the hearing aids. A three to for month acclimatisation appointment is still recommended for first time users to ensure final amplification levels are comfortable and optimal for the individuals lifestyle.

Connectivity that wirelessly connect Oticon hearing aids to a range of Multi-Media devices

Modern hearing aids with their real time wireless connectivity open up the realms of connectivity to many types of multi-media devices. They truly have evolved past just being hearing aids and can now be considered more of a communication device. They will wirelessly stream mobile phone conversations straight to the hearing aids in stereo tailored to the individuals hearing configuration in each ear, thus doubling as “hands free” communication devices.

The ConnectLine product the new Streamer Pro act is an intermediate device connecting the hearing aids wirelessly to other devices.

ConnectLine Streamer Pro: Allows for easy and automatic connections to TV/Phone adaptor/Microphone/mobile phones/Computers/FM/Telecoil etc and functions as a remote control for convenient volume and program changes.

ConnectLine TV/Phone Adaptor/Mic: Stable bluetooth transmission for TV, home phone, office phone and remote microphone audio sources (with Streamer Pro)

Connectline Connect + : Improves wireless listening pleasure through Power Base (Restores the rich base tones typically lost through open fittings) and music widening.

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