Siemens is a renowned producer of a variety of high quality electronic goods including hearing aids. Siemens is the largest Siemens Hearing Aids, Inc is the U.S. affiliate of the Siemens Audiology group, a division of Siemens Healthcare which consists of affiliates in 24 countries. Siemens Hearing Instruments is located in Piscataway New Jersey where approximately 500 employees work in research and development, sales, marketing and manufacturing and customer care. Siemens hearing have routes going back to 1878 and have been helping people with hearing loss for 130 years. Siemens were the first hearing aids manufacturers to introduce wireless technology with their Ear 2 Ear. This wireless connectivity between hearing aids enabled the wearer to make adjustment to volume or programs in one hearing aid and the other adjusts in synchrony.

Siemens Introduces binax, its Most Advanced Hearing Aid Technology Yet

  • Binax is clinically proven to outperform normal hearing in challenging environments
  • New touchControl App for iPhone™ and Android™ turns smartphones into hearing aid remote controls
  • New easyTek™ wireless streamer and easyTek App transform Android and Apple™ devices into hearing aid control centers

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Also Audiology Online article:

Worlds First Truly Water Proof Hearing Aid

Siemens is committed to producing hearing aids for all types and levels of hearing loss in cosmetically appealing designs. In 2013 they became a CES innovations designs and engineering awards Honouree for their new Aquarius waterproof hearing aid. The Aquarius is the worlds first truly waterproof hearing aid and has been shown to be waterproof for 30 mins at a depth of one meter. The waterproof functionality does not come at the expense of the sound quality with the Aquarius sporting high-definition sound with 48 channels with high frequency resolution and broad bandwidth up to 12kHz.

Siemens BTE Models:

The behind the ear (BTE) range of Siemens hearing aids include the Ace, Pure, Life, Pure Carat, Motion, Nitro and Intuis.

Siemens Ace is the most discrete hearing aid in its class being a miniature receiver in the ear style. Ace senses ambient sounds and automatically filters out unwanted noise to deliver a clear natural sound quality.

Custom fitting (ITC) and micro-CIC range include the Eclipse, Insio, Intuis and Nitro.

Siemens Eclipse is considered an invisible hearing aid option sitting deep within the bony portion of the ear canal.

You can view more about the excellent Siemens range on their website:


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