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Unitron was originally a Canadian company that was founded in 1964. The company was purchased by the Sonova Group in and now have 16 offices in countries around the world. Most of their research and development still occurs in Canada although their production occurs in Switzerland in the same facility as Phonak. Unitrons promise: “We care deeply about people with hearing loss and the professionals who support them. Together we pursue fresh and imaginative ways to improve lives, in both great and small ways, and we make these advances available to everyone. This purpose-driven innovation is a priority in everything we do.”

Unitron Australia is located in Baulkham Hills NSW and shares an office with Phonak. Both Phonak and Unitron share much of the same quality components including the same industry leading processing chip and speaker units. Unitron selects the very best components for its hearing aids and packages them at comparably lower prices.

The Latest Unitron Hearing Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro feature binaural spatial processing to maximise spatial cues that improve localisation and separation of speech sound from competing background noise. To address the increasing demand for invisible in the canal style hearing aids, Unitron has developed the Quantum micro CIC. This is their smallest custom hearing aid available. It is a tiny ultra comfortable in-th-ear solution fitting deeply inside the ear canal making it hidden from sight. As the microphone is at the opening of the ear canal, this style provides a more natural sound. I has enough amplification to be suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing losses. As an even cheaper invisible hearing aid option the Unitron Quantum 6 comes in a micro CIC style.

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