Widex Hearing Aids



The DREAM family of hearing aids is the latest in hearing technology providing true to life sound. WIDEX DREAM provides more sound, more words and a more personal hearing journey. DREAM hearing aids allow more sound in than any other hearing aid so you can hear more details of the world around you, even in noisy environments such as parties, sport events or at the cinema.
Thanks to unique technology that preserves the human voice, you can also hear more words – for instance, enjoy conversations, even in the noise of a crowded restaurant or at a concert hall.

DREAM comes in four series from DREAM440 to the value DREAM110 there is a DREAM hearing solution to suit your needs and budget. DREAM also is available in a range of styles and colours ranging from discreet complete in canal hearing aids to the popular behind the ear passion and Fusion hearing aids.
DREAM hearing aids provide a more personal hearing journey by providing you with your own personal smart-site known as MY.WIDEX.COM. This site provides you with all the advice and help you need on your DREAM hearing aids.


The CLEAR family of hearing aids provides users with a natural sound experience. By communicating with each other wirelessly CLEAR hearing aids work just as our ears do working together, adjusting sounds from different environments and allowing the user to focus on sounds from different directions without turning your head.

The CLEAR family comes in a range of hearing aid styles including the new Fusion. Fusion is a small behind the ear hearing aid complete with a receiver in the ear and a range of great features previously not available in an aid of this size. Fusion allows users to hear telephone conversations in both ears while wearing two aids. It also reduces wind noise significantly with its nano-coated microphone.

CLEAR hearing aids range from top end CLEAR440 to the CLEAR220 providing users with a range of hearing aid options to suit their needs.

Widex MENU

With the MENU series from Widex you can choose exactly the features you need without paying for extras you don’t need. The basic MENU option gives you great sound for easy listening and comes with state-of-the-art technology to minimise whistling. MENU can even adapt to your changing listening situations – something that is usually found only in the more expensive hearing aids. If you want more features, such as our unique tinnitus program, or our technology for better speech intelligibility in noise, they can be added.

DEX Assistive Listening Devices

DREAM and CLEAR hearing aids are compatible with the DEX range of assistive listening devices. DEX remote control devices link your television, mobile phone or other audio devices to stream directly to Clear hearing aids. TV-DEX and M-DEX remotes enable users to switch off surrounding sound and focus listening 100% on the audio device they are connected to.

Widex MIND

The Mind family of hearing aids focuses on a comfortable listening experience for the user. This is done with a dual processor which works automatically to adjust sound in different hearing environments. Mind hearing aids provide users with enhanced speech intelligibility with its state of the art speech enhancer. This allows users to hear the conversation more clearly in noisy environments.

Mind hearing aids were the first hearing aids to provide tinnitus sufferers with a music program to help manage this condition. The revolutionary Zen program available in Mind hearing aids plays tones through the hearing aids helping the user to relax.

Available from the high-end mind440 through to the mind220, there is something for all types of hearing loss and budgets.


Passion is the smallest behind the ear hearing aid in the Widex hearing aid range. Providing advanced technology in a virtually invisible hearing aid makes Passion a very popular hearing solution. Passion’s receiver, or loudspeaker, is positioned in the ear canal minimizing annoying whistling or feedback experienced in other hearing aids. The popular Zen program is also available in some Passion models. Passion hearing aids are also available 12 different vibrant colours.

The Passion family starts with the high end Passion440, and ranges to Passion115, Passion110 and the value for money Passion105 providing a variety of options for all users.


The Widex Flash hearing aid is an affordable choice for both first-time and experienced users. It is extremely easy to use and is easily adjustable by your clinician to suit your individual hearing needs. Flash hearing aids come in different styles and are available in a range of modern and attractive

Demonstrations and Trials

We stock Widex demonstration hearing aids and are happy to provide Free in Clinic demonstrations where we fit them to your hearing levels. You can also take them out of the clinic for the day to try them in the busy outside world. If you decide you’d like a full 30day trial we only charge an industry standard fitting fee of $150. That is you can trial the hearing aid models of your choice for up to 30 days in everyday life to decide whether the benefits warrant the investment. If you proceed with the purchase the fitting fee comes off the purchase price of the hearing aids. Otherwise we fully refund your deposit all except the fitting fee.

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