Best Practice Hearing Care

At Harmony Hearing, your health is our primary concern. Whether you’re referred to us by a physician or you’re looking for the best hearing aids, we recommend starting with a comprehensive hearing test. We can identify the cause of your hearing difficulties and rule out serious health conditions. Then we’ll explain the results and send a written report to your physician if required.

Free Hearing Screen & Hearing Aid Discussion

Get a Free Hearing Screening Check and Hearing Aid Consultation as required (15-30minutes)

Hearing Test

All of our comprehensive hearing tests are carried out under the supervision of a university-educated Audiologist, using state-of-the-art equipment to conduct hearing tests for both children and adults. Learn More

Hearing Aid Fittings

With our help, you can choose the best model hearing aid at the best prices. We can ensure that it stays a perfect fit in your ear alone and digitally program it to your preferred hearing range. Learn More

Hearing Aid Repairs

Is your hearing aid suffering from the usual wear-and-tear? Let us offer you our comprehensive repair service, including same-day visits and protection under the manufacturer’s warranty. Learn More

Tinnitus Treatments

Tinnitus is a common affliction of the inner ear, usually perceiving as an incessant ringing or buzzing. Take advantage of our expert tinnitus tests and treatments, including sound therapy. Learn More

Earwax Removal

Don’t let a buildup of earwax ruin a perfectly good hearing aid. Harmony Hearing offers gentle and thorough ear cleanings for all our patients at competitive prices.

We Provide Comprehensive Ongoing Care

Let Harmony Hearing Look After You

To schedule an appointment for a hearing test or audiological service, please use your online booking form or call us during office hours.


  • Independent, Local & Personalised Service
  • All the Latest Technology from Leading Brands
  • Best Prices Guarantee - Save Thousands!
  • Interest Free Payment Plans Available
  • Government Hearing Services Program Accredited
  • University Qualified & Experienced Audiologists
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Ongoing Support with Comprehensive, Timely Service