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    ... October 9, 2019

    Oticon Genie2 hearing aids

    I have some hearing loss, probably caused from a number of years of exposure to the workplace noise in farming. After an internet search of providers and the after sales service commitment which was offered, I decided to make an appointment with Harmony Hearing.

    I have recently visited Andrew MacKendrick at Harmony Hearing to upgrade my five year old hearing aids. read more

    Ross Donald

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    ... October 9, 2019

    Oticon Hearing Aids

    "I persevered with my failing hearing for many years.  My wife was expressing her frustrations with having to constantly repeat herself. I also struggled in group settings and was reluctant to question what was being said!

    About a month ago I saw Andrew at Harmony Hearing who conducted a thorough assessment and I was fitted with a pair of Oticon Opn S hearing aids. Since read more

    Ken Burton

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    ... September 28, 2019

    Happy with my Phonak Hearing Aid

    Carol Foster has hearing in one ear only which also has a significant hearing loss. She recently trialled an entry level Phonak hearing aid and a BICROS and was happy with the improvement over her previous aid. She asked to trial the premium Phonak model to see if it would be an improvement in background noise and was delighted with read more

    Col and Carol Foster

  • ... January 28, 2019

    New Hearing Aids User

    Getting thrown into the world of hearing aids was nerve wrecking.

    As such, I'm thankful to find Harmony Hearing which not only had very competitive pricing but great service.

    Tony helped me find the right pair of hearing aids - we tried several until I found the right one! And Jenny was always very responsive and helpful.

    I would highly recommend Harmony read more

    Anonymous Client

    First Time Hearing Aid User

    Nedlands Perth/ Hearing Aids/

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  • ... January 28, 2019

    “I have my hearing back” Yvonne Ender 11/01/2018

    "My World Has Changed For The Better" After searching online I came across Harmony Hearing. Instead of contacting them straight away I procrastinated yet again.

    Finally after driving my family and friends mad, I took the plunge and made that initial appointment. It was their best thing I've done in a while. After meeting Tony and listening to his advice on read more

    Yvonne Ender

    Nedlands Perth/ Hearing Service/ Hearing Aids

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  • ... July 17, 2018

    I mean the price alone was enough to seal a bargain but the …

    Andrew I am writing to say a big thank you for your help in choosing and supplying me with my Seimens Carat 7BX hearing aids and at such a reasonable price. I mean the price alone was enough to seal a bargain but the 7BX hearing aids are the best I have ever had, they truly do deliver the magic read more

    Alan Greenwood

    Parmelia 6167 , WA

  • ... July 17, 2018

    I cannot thank Andrew and Rachel enough for assisting me in …

    "Almost 2 years ago I was finding it very difficult to continue my work due to hearing loss. I was referred to a specialist to try and determine the cause of my hearing loss, however a MRI did not locate anything. It was suggested I make an appointment to see an Audiologist and arrange suitable hearing aids. I visited a read more

    Frank Rauh

    Murdoch 6150 , WA

  • ... July 17, 2018

    A quick note to say thanks for your outstanding service in …

    Hi Andrew

    A quick note to say thanks for your outstanding service in helping me improve my standard of hearing.

    From my initial late night on-line enquiry, that you even responded to straight away, to the hearing test, advice, trial period, final selection, fitting and review etc it has been a very thorough and professional process.

    In additional to the service, the value read more

    Vince Haines

    Kallaroo 6025 , WA

  • ... July 17, 2018

    The service, received at Harmony Hearing was second to none. …

    The service, received at Harmony Hearing was second to none. Andrew performed the most thorough set of hearing tests I have ever had.He then demonstrated how hearing aids could help me. I was unable to afford the aids immediately but Andrew and his staff worked out a way that got them for me much sooner then I thought would be read more

    Brad Sheldon

    Rivervale 6103 , WA

  • ... July 17, 2018

    Without a doubt I recommend Harmony Hearing & Andrew …

    I was reading an article in my local paper one day where it stated a lot of people in their 50's (and younger) were in denial about how bad their hearing loss was & that they thought they were too young to even consider the possibility that hearing aids may enhance their hearing & quality of life. It went on read more

    Jenny Krouzecky

    ILUKA 6028 , WA

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