4 State Of the Art Hearing Centres Perth to Fremantle

Our full time hearing centres are located in Nedlands (approximately 8 minutes drive from Perth CBD) and Fremantle with weekly visits to Osborne Park (Monday & Tuesday) and Mundaring (Thursdays). Our hearing centres are fully equipped with the latest technologies for conducting hearing tests, fitting hearing aids and providing specialised services such as Micro-suctioning for gentle ear wax removal. As fully Government accredited hearing centres we employ highly experienced Audiologists and support staff capable of assisting you with any queries, hearing aids repairs and hearing aid cleaning. They are readily available and there are no lengthy wait times for you to obtain asssitance.

University Trained and Experienced Audiologists

Your hearing is an essential part of leading a productive life. Knowing where to go to ensure premium hearing care is the first step in the right direction. Harmony Hearing & Audiology is a network of four hearing clinics, with professionals focussed on providing practical and affordable hearing services to each client. An independent, family-owned practice in Perth, Western Australia, Harmony Hearing is a Government accredited service provider through the Office of Hearing Services offering excellent service and premium products at the best value. We strive to provide you with personalised hearing services that help you and suit your budget.

Open & Low Hearing Aid Prices. 

Our unique policy is open & transparent pricing on both hearing aids and our comprehensive service packages to choose from. We guide you to help make an informed choice on what is both the most suitable hearing aid/s and service package for your needs and preferences.

We are part of the Commonwealth Government Hearing Service program offering free services and subidies on hearing aids for pension hearing voucher holders. Contact us for information.

If you’re paying more than $8,000 for premium digital hearing aids, you’re paying too much. With us, you can save up to $4,000 on top brands like Phonak, Oticon, Starkey, GN Resound, and Siemens now Signia hearing aids. Our hearing aid prices are low, and our products come with a comprehensive aftercare service, including a 4-year national warranty and years worth of batteries.  To ensure we offer your the absolute best deal on hearing aids we have introduced the following Best Price Guarantee.

Why use Harmony Hearing?

It’s simple—we offer the best value! We don’t believe in the short-sighted, price-focused ‘Fit and Go’ style of hearing devices. It ignores the medical and scientific research that goes into adapting hearing aids over time for every patient. One size does not fit all, which is why Harmony Hearing promises a series of progressive appointments for fittings at no extra cost. We strive to ensure that you always feel comfortable with our products.

Qualified and professional hearing care

Our services to the Perth community include comprehensive hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, adjustments, maintenance and repairs. We also treat conditions like tinnitus, and provide strategies to improve communication between patients and their loved ones. Our Audiologists are university-educated and motivated to provide the most advanced communication methods and technologies available in Perth, Western Australia.

Harmony Hearing is an accredited Australian hearing centre, certified through the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program. We’re also members of the Audiological Society of Australia (ASA), and undergo continuous training and professional development to ensure that our clients and patients receive the highest quality care available.

Important questions to ask when selecting your hearing specialist and hearing care provider:

We believe that selecting a hearing care provider is as important as selecting the right hearing aids. We also believe that there are some vital questions you need to ask at your clinic, before you make a decision.

1A: Are you a full time hearing centre with support staff and not a home based office?

1: Are you an independent clinic – not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer?
2: Can you offer an honest, unbiased opinion on what would be best for me, and can yousupply from any manufacturer?
3: Do you offer free trials?
4: Are all your clinicians university trained Audiologists with over 10 years’ experience? Do they deal with all of the leading hearing aid brands?
5: Are you accredited through the Office of Hearing Services?
6: Do you offer comprehensive aftercare, including services like wax removal?
7: Are your prices up to $2000 cheaper than the leading manufacturer-owned clinics? Will you price match written quotes? Do you have interest-free payment options?
8: Can you provide me with testimonials from satisfied customers?

Before making such an important decision on your hearing rehabilitation, please make sure you talk to us. We tick all of the above boxes and guarantee not only great prices, but the best care and service that you deserve. Please visit us and see for yourself.

Whether you’re looking for the best hearing care centre; an electronic hearing aid, or you require services in the form of a gentle ear cleaning, or a hearing test, Harmony Hearing and Audiology is the place for you. Please give us a call and we can get started on improving your quality of life today!

Preferred Provider Relationship Policy Disclosure

 As an Independent Perth family owned and operated Audiology practice, Harmony Hearing is proud of its freedom to offer the latest technology from all world leading manufacturers. To emphasise we are not the retail arm of a hearing aid manufacturer like most providers in Australia.

Our practice has a supply with numerous world leading manufacturers including Oticon (William & Demant), Phonak & Unitron (Sonova), GN Resound, Siemens (Sivantos), Widex, Starkey and Bernafon.

Audiologist’s at Harmony Hearing strive to provide a personalised hearing rehabilitation program. This often includes matching the best hearing aids or assistive listening device to each individual’s unique hearing levels, communication needs, lifestyle conditions, style preferences and budget. Generally we find that Oticon, Signia, Phonak, Unitron, Starkey and GN Resound are world leading manufacturers we attain some of the best outcomes with and so will often recommend hearing aids and products from these manufacturers.

If you are interested in a particular manufacturer’s product your interest will be facilitated. You and your clinician can collaboratively explore the merits of and trial the products to determine whether they are a comprehensive solution for your needs.

We wish you all the very best on your hearing health care journey.

Best regards,

Andrew Mackendrick

(Audiologist and Business Owner)

To schedule an appointment with one of our hearing specialists, please use our online booking form or call us during office hours.


  • Independent, Local & Personalised Service
  • All the Latest Technology from Leading Brands
  • Best Prices Guarantee - Save Thousands!
  • Interest Free Payment Plans Available
  • Government Hearing Services Program Accredited
  • University Qualified & Experienced Audiologists
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Ongoing Support with Comprehensive, Timely Service