Hearing Aids Perth

For over five years Harmony Hearing has been providing the best hearing aid prices in Perth as well as comprehensive timely services to ensure the best outcomes.

Our clients have often expressed their appreciation at having saved thousands of dollars on the same model hearing aids they had been quoted elswhere in Australia. Evidence of this can be seen in the genuine testimonials on our wesbite.

Being independent hearing aid provider in Perth empowers us to source top brand hearing aids from all leading manufactures including: Oticon, Phonak, GN Resound, Siemens, Signia, Starkey, Unitron, Widex and Bernafon. We match the latest models and best hearing aid solution to your unique needs taking into consideration a number of factors including:

  • Your type of hearing loss
  • The level or severity of hearing loss
  • Lifestyle and Communication requirements
  • Your dexterity & Other health conditions.
  • Physical Comfort
  • Cosmetic concerns
  • Your budget

Best Price and Service Guarantee

We offer outstanding competitive pricing on the lastest hearing aids from all leading manufactures together with comprehensive professional services. In the unlikely event you receive a cheaper written local quote we will at least match that price but with the inclusion of more comprehensive professional services. We would prefer clients chose us for superior services and quality facilites rather then just cheapest hearing aid price.

Best Brand Hearing Aids and the Latest Models Guaranteed

We primarily source from Oticon, Starkey, Siemens, Signia and Phonak as they are several of the world leading hearing aid manufacturers that we find we get the best outcomes and highest client satisfaction rates with. However we keep a keen eye on the research and development of all top maufacturers and always strive to provide the very best solution accurately matched to personal needs and budget.

You can be assured you will only be recommended and fitted with the very latest hearing aids and assitive products. We only hold the latest generation hearing aids for demonstration purposes and order from the Australian providers upon demand. You can be confident with us that you are always fitted with the most recent technology and highest quality hearing aids. We have heard of unfortunate circumstances where other practices have purported new techbology and cheap prices but have off loaded previous generation stock that they may have bought for bulk discounts.

Why After Care is Essential

In the last couple of years it has been a sad occurance for the hearing health care industry that some relatively new providers have been downplaying in their marketing and practice the importance of comprehenisve aftercare services. They purport to help save the customers money and portray ongoing after care as unnecessary.

Central to our belief is that quality ongoing support and readily available access to services beyond the hearing aid fitting is essential to maximasie benificial outcomes. This is supported by all leading research that shows people adapt to hearing aids over time and amplification may need to be progressively increased over time. We build into our hearing rehabilitation program a series of progressive appointments that also afford quality coaching in the use and management of hearing aids and facilitate comfortable adjustments. If hearing aids are in need of repair or maintenence we are readily contactable and available. Our adminstration staff are also trained in hearing aid repairs and maintenence to expedite the process.

It is essential to select a provider that have commercially dedicated hearing centres that are fully equipped with adminstration support staff for any timely repairs, adjustments and other ongoing support appointments.

2 Week Free Trials

We offer a no obligation 2 Week Free Trial of any hearing aid models we may recommend and fit. By using the hearing aids in various environments in your daily life you can experience the great benefits they can provide. Typical benefits include improved clarity of speech even in difficult listening situation with competiting background noise. Reduced listening effort and concentration. Reduced frustrations both personally and for significant others around you. Reduced stress, fatigue and a miriad of other health and social benefits.

We strongly beleive that if hearing aids and other assistive devices have been accurately matched to your needs and your adaptation in their use and managemet has been properly facilitated you will enjoy the benefits today and for years to come and become an advocate for other to take a pro active approach seeking professional support for their hearing and communication health.

Let Harmony Hearing look after you

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  • Independent, Local & Personalised Service
  • All the Latest Technology from Leading Brands
  • Best Prices Guarantee - Save Thousands!
  • Interest Free Payment Plans Available
  • Government Hearing Services Program Accredited
  • University Qualified & Experienced Audiologists
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Ongoing Support with Comprehensive, Timely Service